Curso de Shiatsu Emocional em Itacaré, Bahia, vira notícia internacional

O site Itacaré Travel, acessado por brasileiros e estrangeiros de toda a parte, anunciou a realização de mais um curso de Shiatsu Emocional, em Itacaré, Bahia, entre os dias 2 e 5 de março. Segue abaixo o texto e o link para a visualização perfeita do evento, no site ItacareTravel.

Adress: Alto da telebahia, 75 (street of the gas station Marabá) – Itacaré

Basic knowledge of the Chinese technique “Shiatsu” will be transmitted by one of the most experienced body therapists in the country, Arnaldo V. Carvalho, fro Rio de Janeiro. The course mixes therapeutic approaches related to the Oriental traditions and ancient knowledge with new techniques developed in recent years of study.

The course is intended for therapists and the general public who wish to learn about body techniques. The course content is based on different diagnostic tools and styles of Shiatsu such as Tantsu, Ohashiatsu and Zen Shiatsu, in addition to the psychosomatic massages inspired on Reich. The course also aims to propose a review of the therapeutic relationship between therapist and client.

The term “Emotional Shiatsu” was first used in Brazil in 2004 by Arnaldo V. Carvalho, through a course. Three years later he launched his book “Shiatsu Emocional” (Emotional Shiatsu). Arnaldo V. Carvalho is a massage therapist and naturopath. He teaches throughout Brazil and works especially with the Oriental lines, Reich and essential oils.